What is decision making

 Decision-making is the process of choosing an action or set of actions from among those available to you. 

 What is decision making in management

 The process of making decisions is an important part of management.

 Meaning of decision making

 Decision-making is the process of selecting options and making decisions.

 Why decision making important

 Deciding on the right thing to do is one of the most important and difficult tasks we face.

 Decision Making Process

 Decision-making is the process of identifying the best and worst alternatives in a given situation and choosing the best one.

 Decision making skills

 The ability to make decisions is one of the most important skills for succeeding in life.

 What is effective decision making

 Effective decision-making is not a singular, magical process that results in correct answers every time.

 Decision Making Model

 We define a model that captures the essential elements of decision making in the physical world

 Decision Making Styles

 People make decisions in different ways, and in many cases, those decisions may lead to the same end result.

 Decision Making Framework

 Decision-Making framework is an important concept in organizational behavior, particularly in the field of human resources.

 Decision Making Examples

 Decisions can be difficult to make and learn, but the ability to make decisions is an important skill to learn.