What are the 14 Principles of Management

 The 14 Principles of Management are a set of core principles that managers must follow to be effective.

 Division of Work

 The Division of Labor, in which each person specializes in a particular task, is the key to efficiency

 Authority And Responsibility

 The manager has the authority to make decisions, and the employees have the responsibility to carry them out.


 This is the most important quality in a leader. The ability to discipline oneself and others is one of the most important skills a manager can have.

 Unity of Command

 Command and control systems are those in which decisions are made by a small number of people with the intention of achieving a single, clear objective.

 Unity Of Direction

  The most important factor in building a successful business is having a clear and unified direction

Subordination of Individual Interests to General Interests

 In the organization the interest of the group should supersede that of the individual


 The way we work is constantly changing, and that’s especially evident when it comes to remuneration. Gone are the days of fixed salaries and annual raises.

Centralization of authority

 Centralize authority essentially means giving certain people certain powers and responsibilities that allow them to make decisions and take action.

Scalar Chain

 The chain of command is usually depicted on an organization chart that identifies the relationships between superior and subordinate


 According to this principle a place for everything in its proper place. it might be that organization is the principle that refers to the arrangement of material and persons in an organization.


 The responsibility of the manager should be treated equally and respectfully to the whole organization’s employees. The combination is the kindness and justice of equity.

 Stability of Tenure of Personnel

 if the employee feels secure in their job then they will deliver the best and the responsibility of management to offer job security to their employees.


The management should support and encourager's subordinates to take initiative. The initiative will help subordinate to increase their interest and make them worth it.

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 According to the organization that is the management’s responsibility to motivate their employee and they are also in support of each other regularly.