Importance of Management

 The importance of management is a necessary part of a business. it is the process of planning and organizing the work of an organization to achieve a set of goals.

 Importance of management in organization

 The importance of management in the organization has been proven by the studies carried out by organizations around the globe.

8 Importance of Management

Achieving organizational goals Simplified organizational structure Management improves efficiency   Encourage staff participation

 Importance of management information system

 Management information systems are used to provide information to the management.

 Importance of management function

 Management is the function that provides direction, coordination, and control for the people, processes, and products within an organization.

 Importance of management in modern business

 The importance of management in modern business is well established and understood. 

 Importance of management control system

 The importance of a management control system is a common concern of management researchers.

 Waste Management

 Waste management is a discipline that seeks to ensure that organizations and individuals can maximize the value.

 Project Management

  Project management is the process of identifying and establishing the objective of the project.

 Why do we need management

  Why do we need Management, It is all about controlling people. Management is like a king that makes people submit to him and does the things he wants.