Fantasy Premier League tip: Transfer and captain options for FPL gameweek 9 deadline

The international break has allowed Fantasy Premier League managers plenty of time to think about their team.

Transfers made early in the window can easily succumb to injuries.

The advent of the Manchester and north London derbies this weekend also means a host of FPL favourites are facing off against each other, meaning so-called easy points are at a premium.

The deadline for submissions in FPL gameweek 9 is Saturday, October 1.

Here are our Top Fantasy Premier League Tips for GW9...

Mohamed Salah - Liverpool - £12.9 million

Gross put up three goals in six games to give him more points than the other two games.

I think people who ditched Salah in March or April saw this coming.

Marcus Rashford -- Manchester United - £6.6 million

The players are Anthony Martial, Philippe Mourinho, Patrick Basford...

These are just some players more expensive than Rashford in football in terms of price right now.

Bu kayo Saka - Arsenal - £7.8m

Saka has scored a goal or an assist in each of his last four Premier League games to low-key rack up good points of late.

Luis Sinisterra- Leeds - £6.5 million

After a gradual introduction to the squad, Sinisterra has scored in back-to-back Leeds games now he has a starting role.