Process of Structuring an Organization | organizational structure types

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In this session, we will discuss the process of structuring an organization.

Process of structuring an organization

An organization is a network of relationships. An organization structure is a framework for creating a pattern of relationships. like that In the organization organizational structure can define how specific components of the system like roles, rules, and responsibility work together to achieve the targeted organizational goals. An organizational structure also describes how in the organization of the activities like coordination, supervision, and task allocation are take care of and responsible for what. So in the organization using organizational structure sets standard operating procedures and a system of responsibility and command to makes the flow of work smoothly. The process of structuring an organization consists of. (structuring an organization). If you want to get more information about the Meaning of Organizing | Characteristic, Process, and Importance then click here, I am sure you are definitely satisfied here.

Division of work

In the organization, there is different department and the whole department employees and the group of employees can perform the works logically, satisfactorily, and comfort that is called division of works. Division of works makes the whole tasks of organization simpler, separate, and simple. that’s because it makes it easy to achieve organizational goals. So that division of works brings specialization in works and an increase in productivity.

How does division of work specialization function? After the whole tasks of the organization divide into different departments then the necessary authority, as well as responsibility, is also delegated to individuals or groups. In the organization, if one employee can perform only one type of works taking authority and responsibility. It makes him experienced, creative, and efficient. That’s because a skilled person gets specialization in his works. (structuring of the organization)

How does the division of works enhance productivity? By division of work, employees acquire experience and skills. In the organization, employees can accomplish work relatively in a short time. So it increases organizational productivity also. So the organizational managers should make the division of work on the basis of the work of the organization and the work should hand over to individual of employee according to their ability and skill. (structuring an organization).

Process of Structuring an Organization | organizational structure types

The whole work of an organization can be divide into different groups and the group has performed the task that is called departmentalization. The organizational work should be departmentalized skillfully and wisely, if the organizational task can be divide into groups then it is arranged in the organizational structure. The organizational work can be departmentalized on a different basis, function, process, area, customer, time and product, etc. All are the main basis of departmentalization.

For example, we take Nepal. How to the organizational work can be departmentalized in Nepal? So in Nepal, It becomes better to departmentalize. It is on the basis of five development regions. So it becomes better for the provident fund office to departmentalize its functions central region, MD Western region, Westion region, Far-western region, and Eastern region. In the organization, while in organizing a manager should give special importance to departmentalization.

In simple words, departmentalization means classifying the whole work of the organization into the different function of the organization and handing over to the able employee for performance. That is suitable for one department function should be unlike department. Suppose in the organization if there are account department, purchase department, personnel department, and production department, the responsibilities for employees recruitment should be made in the related topic in this chapter. (structuring an organization)


The last-second one is the stage of organizing to determine hierarchy. Hierarchy defines in the organization who to order whom and who to obey or who to request whom. So I will explain the position of the top, middle, and lower levels of management in the organization who to order whom, and who to obey, and who to request whom.

So in the organization, the top level of management gives the order to the middle level of management and the middle level of management gives the order to the lower level of management and the lower level of management gives to order to their subordinates to performs the organizational works. Now it can clear who can give orders. Like that Request goes from lower-level whereas order goes to lower level from the higher level. So its can define in the organization there are different level and hierarchy tall whereas a few levels make it short. (structuring an organization).

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