Meaning of mission | definition, statement template, impossible, examples

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In this session, we will discuss the meaning of mission, and definition of mission, features of mission.

Meaning of Mission

The mission is the most important character display in the organization which represents the situation of the organization. Mission always identifies the present situation of the organization just like that the organizational products and services and specify the markets it serves at present and in the near future.   It is impossible to achieve when it isn’t in writing and doesn’t give a time frame for achievement. Any kinds of the organization make their mission in the form of a statement. that’s why it is always called a mission statement. In one organization there are three levels of management and the whole managerial level can be taking direction and a guide to decision-making with the help of mission because the mission is an overall goal of the organization.

A broad goal of an organization that justifies an organization’s existence that can be also defined by the mission. Also, it is a statement of an organization’s reason to exist. The mission can be also described as what the company is providing to society.

like that, A company provides any type of service for society. such as house cleaning, software development, or legal services. Or, it may provide a product such as a toiletry or cosmetics. the mission never indicates the details and measurable targets of an organization. It rather contains a statement of orientation, attitude, and outlook. All thing represents about the organization by the mission. who the organization is and what is doing? By the mission of the organization, is clarifying define the presents situation products, markets, and functions the firm provides.

Since the permanent part identity of an organization display by the mission, it should be broad-base but customer-focus.

In any kind of organization, the mission can display a present activity of an organization. so that it is impossible to make a profit by the mission.

It must set a company apart from other similarly situated companies. If profit is made the focus of the mission, it will be impossible to differentiate one company from another. (Meaning of mission)

Definition of company mission

Let’s discuss deeply what is the statement of mission. A mission statement is a statement that is the purpose of an organization.

The mission statement can be clearly defining what it wants to compete in the biggest environment.

Any kind of organization has defined their own business product terms, such as we manufacture carpenter’s tools or technological terms, such as we are engaged in fruit processing.

But pragmatically speaking, mission statements should be market-oriented.

It is also defined by the mission statement of customer need to basic satisfying in terms of business market-oriented. for example, ACME doesn’t only produce medicines. It applies science to solve health problems. (Meaning of mission).

In the session on the meaning of the mission statement, we will also discuss the features of the mission statement.

The features of the mission statement can be dedicated to the following points.
  1. It should be motivating
  2. They are active
  3. It should be clear
  4. The create expectation
  5. It should be feasible
  6. They are targeted
  7. Mission are adaptable
  8. They are specific
Meaning of mission | definition, statement template, impossible, examples

It should be motivating

Let’s discuss the important character of mission which is one is motivating. A mission should be motivating for the whole members of an organization and also the near about the society members, and the whole members of an organization should feel it worthwhile working for such an organization or being its customers. Just take a bank, for example, A bank is that type of organization that lays great emphasis on customer service, is likely to motivate its whole employees to serve its customers well and to attract clients. So that it would be clearly defined Customer service, is an important purpose for a banking institution. (Meaning of mission)

The mission should be feasible

In any kind of organization, there is a mission but is no matter the mission aims high or low but it should not be an impossible statement. It should be achievable and realistic its followers must find it to be credible. But feasibility always depends on the resources of an organization available to work towards a mission. for example, we are talking about NASA’s mission.  In the sixties, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had a mission to land on the moon. It was a feasible mission that was ultimately realized. 

It should be clear

And the third one is a clear mission. Most of the organization’s mission can be clearly defined because it is easy to take action for the whole organization members. The mission should not be a large volume set of platitudes meant for advertisement purposes. Most organizations follow that type of strategic statement but probably they do so for emphasizing their identity and character. We had to take Asian Paints, for example, it stresses leadership through excellence’, While India Today sees itself as ‘the complete news magazine’. (Meaning of mission)

The create expectation

And the fourth one is creating expectations. A good mission statement of any kind of organization creates the expectations of their target audience for something they truly crave. For example, Zappos’ shoe organization’s mission statement is “To provide the best customer service possible.” The shoe organization creates the expectation in Zappos’ customers that they will deliver superior customer service each and every time.

They are active

If something is happening now rather than in the past the active word is define as the active verb that makes readers feel as. For example, instead of writing, “Zappos shoe organization makes a quality product which can improve your life.  you should write, “Our Zappos organization makes these products to enhance your quality of life.” Notice how the transition from passive to active verbs, and substituting “enhance your quality of life” for “improve your life” conveys a stronger message? (Meaning of mission)

They are targeted

Everything you need to know about the mission statement of the organization in any organization’s mission statements is expressed to your target audience, that’s why the message must match the want and needs of that audience. Once again, we have to take Zappos organization, for example, the organization of Zappos knew that its customer service was a huge deal among women who shopped for shoes, that’s why it tailored its statement to match the desires that customers.

The mission is specific: – The organizational mission statement always reflects the specific nature of your business, and also defines your organizational character, and culture.

They are adaptable: – In any organization, there is a different department, and the whole department had to be motivated, and to get direction, it is possible when the organization’s mission statement is strong. Here is I am going to two different statements which one is demonstrating this point. For example: “deliver to your customer and your organizational employees.” Can you tell me one thing about this organization which products of types are sold by this organization? Let’s compare the first example with, “To identify, deliver and develop innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.” Which types of services are provide by the organization this statement can be described by the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. (Meaning of mission).

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