CONFLICT | Meaning of Conflict and its types and resolution

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In this session, we will discuss the meaning of conflict and its types.

Meaning of Conflict

According to the organization. In the organization, there is a different department. In the whole department of working many employees. So the whole organization department has to followed rules and Rules are the most important for the whole organizational department’s employee. If any employee doesn’t follow the order of the leaders then that is called conflict. It is that type of word dependent on the behavior of the employee. (meaning of conflict).

conflicts are the outcome of behavioral interactions. It consists of all kinds of opposition or antagonistic interactions. conflicts are inevitable in groups and organizations. It is an interpersonal process and also in the organization leaders spend about 20% of their time dealing with conflict. like that, you are the leader and you have to decide on any topic then you are thinking is this correct or not.

John Newstrom and Keith Davis define conflict:- It is any situation in which two or more parties feel themselves in opposition.

Stephen Robbins defines conflict:- It is a process that beings when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected, or is about to negatively cares about it.

According to Fred Lathans

Conflict is any situation in which two or more parties feel themselves in opposition.

In other words, If It is too high, it can become a hindrance to performance. if it is too low, performance trends are also low. It is good for organizational group effectiveness when the level of function is desirable, and the leader is to manage conflict is a most important role in the organization. (meaning of conflict).

Interpersonal Process:- It is an interpersonal process. It is referred to the results from an interaction between two or more people.

Perception:- It must be perceive by the parties to it. It is called a perception issue.

Opposition or Incompatibility:- There must be opposition or incompatibility between parties. It can be in the goal’s method to achieve goals, roles, values, interests, or events. opposition or incompatibility can be differences over the interpretation of facts. It can be disagreements based on behavioral expectations.

Situational:- Conflict varies from group, place to place, time to time, and organization to organization. Meaning of conflict)

In the session on the meaning of conflict, we will also discuss the types of conflicts

There are different types of conflict that worldwide people are engaging in daily life. If you are working in an organization then you have to definitely face conflict. Identifying and addressing various types of conflict in the workplace will ensure an improvement in productivity levels. Resolving it leads to members of the team understanding each other better and working as a cohesive unit.

The types of conflict can be dedicated to the following points.

Functional or Dysfunctional

Task, Processor Relationship

CONFLICT | Meaning of Conflict and its types and resolution

Functional:- Some of the conflicts involve the support of the organization goals of the group and improve its performance that type of conflict is called functional. Functional contrastive disagreement between two or more people. It can produce new ideas, learning, and growth among individuals. when they engage in constructive conflict, they develop a better awareness of themselves and others.

Dysfunctional:- Some conflicts are of the personal nature that types of conflict are called dysfunctional or destructive forms of conflict. It is unhealthy, destructive to recognize a dysfunctional is hat origin is often animosities and deep-rooted personal feelings and attitudes. Disagreements involve personalizing anger and resentment directe. it specific individuals rather than specific ideas are dysfunctional. The losses to both Parties may exceed any potential gain from the conflict by the dysfunctional. (meaning of conflict)

The difference between the functional and dysfunctional is neither clear nor precise. There is the different criterion the functional and dysfunctional is a group performance. Since group exits to attain a goal. it is the impact the conflict has on the group, rather than on any individual member, that determines functionality.

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