Concept of management | meaning, definition, principles, examples

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In this session, we will be discussing what is the concept of management, and also discussing the meaning of management, the definition of management, management as a discipline, management as a science, management as an art, features of management, the importance of management, the function of management, management principles, level of management, examples of management.

What is management?    

Management is a process of decision-making that identifies goals, the best way to achieve them, and the resources required for their implementation. Management is an art and a science, a process and a set of techniques, a theory, and a practice. It is a way of thinking about and acting on behalf of other people and organizations. Management organizes people to accomplish goals, maximizes the use of resources, minimizes costs, and develops procedures to evaluate performance.

Concept of management

The concept of Management can be defined as the process of achieving things fully intent on achieving goals effectively and productively. Management is the process of working with individuals and other organizational assets and arriving at organizational goals.

Meaning of management

Management is the act of directing something or someone to act in the desired way. The word “management” comes from the Latin word “manager”, which means “to guide”. The act of managing something is done in order to achieve an end. It is the process of directing an object or person to achieve a goal.

In the session on what is the concept of management, we will be also discussing the definition of management.

Definition of management

Here is defined the definition of management by the different authors. Like, Koontz O Donnel, Harold Koontz and Heinz Weihrich, George R. Terry and Stephen G. Franklin, Ivancevich, Donnely, and Gibson, Kreitner’s definition of management, According to F.W. Taylor, George R. Terry, E.F.L. Brech, Stanley Vane, S. George, William Spriegel, Kimball and Kimball, Peter. F. Drucker,

Koontz O Donnel – Management is the art of getting things done through and with people in formally organized groups.

George R. Terry and Stephen G. Franklin – Management is a distinct process consisting of activities of planning, organizing, actuating, and controlling performed to determine and accomplish stated objectives with the use of people and other resources.

Ivancevich, Donnely, and Gibson – Management is the process undertaken by one or more persons to coordinate the activities of the persons to achieve results not attainable by anyone person acting alone.

Kreitner’s definition of management: ‘Management is a problem-solving process of effectively achieving organizational objectives through the efficient use of scarce resources in a changing environment.’

According to F.W. Taylor, ‘ Management is an art of knowing what to do when to do and see that it is done in the best and cheapest way ‘.

According to Harold Koontz, ‘Management is an art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized groups. It is an art of creating an environment in which people can perform and individuals and can co-operate towards attainment of group goals.’

“Management is a distinct process consisting of planning, organizing, actuating and controlling performance to determine and accomplish the objectives by the use of people and resources” – George R. Terry

“Management is concerned with seeing that the job gets done, it tasks all center that on planning and guiding the operations to it are going on the enterprise.” – E.F.L. Brech

“Management is simply the process of decision making and control over the actions of people for the express purpose of attaining predetermined goals.” – Stanley Vane

“Management consists of getting things done through others. The manager is one who accomplishes the objectives by directing the efforts of others.” – S. George

“Management is that function of an enterprise which concerns itself with the direction and control of the various activities to achieve the business objectives.” – William Spriegel

“Management embraces all duties and functions that pertain to the initiation of an enterprise, it’s financing, the establishment of major policies, the provision of all necessary equipment, the outlining of a general form of organization under which the enterprise is to operate and the group of officials in primary control of an enterprise is referred to like the management.” – Kimball and Kimball

The first definition of management is that it is an economic organ of an industrial society. It means taking action to make the desired result pass. – Peter. F. Drucker

According to Robert L. Trewelly and M. Gene Newport, Management is defined as the process of planning, organizing, actuating, and controlling an organization’s operations to achieve coordination of the human and material resources essential in the effective and efficient attainment of objectives.

According to Kreitner, “Management is the process of working with and through others to effectively achieve organizational objectives by efficiently using limited resources in the changing environment.

In the session on what is the concept of management, we will b also discuss management as a process.

Management as a process

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